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ADVANCED NANO OXIDATION PROCESS application could be a very cost effective alternative to waste water treatment method wherein large volumes could be treated in less time and returned back for reuses. ADVANCED NANO OXIDATION PROCESS has great application in treatment of rivers, streams, nulla’s, lakes, ponds etc. No machinery just the formulation offered by us.

Existing treatment plants could be made more proficient. ADVANCED NANO OXIDATION PROCESS based treatment plants save in time for establishing requires less space and cost much less compared to conventional types.

ADVANCED NANO OXIDATION PROCESS perhaps is the only kind in the world which could be shut off and switched on – A NEED BASED OPERATION OF SEWAGE TREATMENT OR EFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT.

We are proud to be associated with diverse industries like in textile and pharmaceutical industries who have shown keen interest for implementations, wherein discussions and deliberations are on.

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